“Pakistan Leadership, Parliament & whole Nation stand united with our brave armed forces for the defence of our motherland” Senator Dr Shahzad Waseem address in Senate of Pakistan.

PTI Central Secretary for Foreign Affairs Dr Shahzad Waseem accompanying Chairman Imran Khan at supreme court.

Media talk at Supreme Court. PML N lawyer came with another Story but no evidence.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan press briefing at bani gala on recent developments in Panama leak case.

Media talk with Naeem Ul Haq at bani gala after Supreme Court hearing.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan presiding strategy meeting at Bani Gala Islamabad.

Dr Shahzad Waseem at Parade ground to review arrangements for tomorrow.

Dr Shahzad Waseem talking to Team UD

Chairman PTI Imran Khan presiding an important meeting at Bani gala.

Meeting of PTI leadership at central office in Islamabad regarding 2nd November.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan addressing Pakistan Ehtesab March rally at Shahdara Chowk.

Trailer – A Film on Imran Khan’s 20 Years of Political Struggle

Chairman PTI Imran Khan talking to 92 News HD about his address to the nation.

Press Conference of Chairman PTI Imran Khan after meeting Ambassadors of Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Adviser to Chairman ‪PTI‬ Dr Shahzad Waseem addressing a corner meeting in Islamabad

Dr Shahzad Waseem Adviser to the chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in program ”10 pm with Nadia Mirza” on NA-122 Lahore.

The Struggle for Pakistan’s Political Independence

Chairman PTI Imran Khan speech at National Council Meeting

Imran Khan talking to Media addressing Peace Talks

30th Nov Festivity