The “biggest gimmick” played by the incumbent government was in the form of “NRO-2”. Dr Shahzad Waseem

Posted on: October 1st, 2022 by admin

Islamabad: 1st-OCT-2022: Speaking on a point of public importance soon after the question hour, Dr Waseem chided the treasury benches for distributing sweets on Ms Sharif being pardoned in what he called a clear case of theft.

He noted that things have reached to such a level that the flaws within the system stood exposed.

“An extremely tragic and painful game is being played with the nation,” he added.

He explained that in a democracy, the will and the voice of the masses played a decisive role, but in Pakistan, people had been sidelined from democracy and a ‘make-believe system’ put in place. For instance, he claimed, no pro-public legislation was done in parliament and the opposition was not even being allowed to speak while bills were being “bulldozed”.

The PTI leader further claimed the “biggest gimmick” played by the incumbent government was in the form of “NRO-2”, adding a law of their choice was enacted as a consequence of which corruption cases against the coalition leaders were ‘quashed’ and their crimes pardoned.

About the Sharif family’s London properties, he said the Avenfield apartments not only existed, but were being used since 1992-93. Despite contradictory statements from the Sharif family members, he claimed, the apartments’ ownership had been accepted.

“The buildings were there, but the money trail was missing.”

Referring to the audio leaks controversy, the PTI senator said the conversations proved it was a security breach and the ruling party’s business interests were dearer to them than the masses.