Real Change for Real People

Posted on: February 13th, 2013 by admin

Chacha Humayun with PTI Leadership

They landed with the actual force of a tsunami – a storm that promises to introduce change in the real sense; change that every Pakistani yearns for; one that could heal our offended core and one that carries the muscle to alter the centuries-old mindset advocating status quo.

And there they are! The Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) has made it to the hearts of their poor countrymen by bringing to the forefront a tailor and a ‘samosa’ vendor. Yes, you’ve read it correct. Common men from within us have been elected as the party’s district presidents. Humayun chacha, a tailor by profession, has been elected as the president of PTI’s Kohat wing and Muhammad Arif, a snacks seller, as the president of PTI in Tehsil Lachi.

Now one is rendered speechless as the phenomenon has been unknown to any Pakistani; for we believe in a ‘democracy’ where certain families own the right to rule.

One is forced to expect that a revolution is in the making. The event also acts as a response to those claiming that the PTI is comprised of turncoats and opportunists. As a matter of fact, the sole reason for the party’s rapid fame across every nook and corner is their ideology of transpiring power to the grassroots.

Today, the dismayed, directionless youth of this nation have been given a ray of hope that time will bring a difference; a new era has dawned and evil that plagues this homeland shall be defeated. The common Pakistani has been provided with a platform to voice the concerns of people like himself.

Terming the event as a victory of PTI as well as that of the ordinary citizen, one hopes the trend continues and the Parliament actually becomes a place for both rich and poor. And I’m sure the day isn’t far.

Say no to dynastic politics and step ahead for change!