PTI Party Elections

Posted on: March 1st, 2013 by admin

Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf achieved another feat in the history of Pakistan by commencing the process of Intra Party Elections for the first time in the history of Pakistan. Raising the banner of change, PTI has started its campaign from its own house as to ensure people of Pakistan, its true zeal for revolutionized and democratized Pakistan. “Political Parties Order of 2002” and the laws of election commission make it mandatory for a political parties to hold internal elections within a party to be eligible for participating in general election.


PTI is the first party to shun the traditional politics based on familial hierarchies as the other political parties are extension of the families and clans. The political structure of PML-N and PPP are two prominent examples. PTI on the other hand has  provided an opportunity to people, to elect the people whom they want to see as their representatives in the parliament , thus providing people the choice to decide for themselves, hence it can be said that PTI intra party elections have proven to be ‘Blessing in disguise’.


From laborers to tailors and taxi drivers, intra-party elections have marked the beginning of new era in the history of Pakistani politics. Common people will have their say in deciding their own bright and prosperous future. But this democracy is not without a cost. The process of practicing true democracy is often messy as matters often get out of hand, as we have witnessed in the recent phase of elections. When people are emotionally attached with a cause, then they are bound to turn to go to every length for achieving their goals, but discipline should be maintained at every cost.


PTI should not capitulate under the criticism being unleashed from various quarters, but rather it should learn from the recent lapses in the process. Only reflecting on this experience will help PTI in evolving into a true democratic party. Nevertheless, long awaited democracy has found its way to rule in Pakistan. This is what you call “true Democracy”.