Perks and Privileges of the Outgoing “Law Makers!”

Posted on: March 24th, 2013 by admin

After setting “groundbreaking records” of corruption, PPPP’s hunger is still not satisfied. The systematic destruction of economy, deteriorating law and order situation and immeasurable crises of CNG, energy, commodity, sugar, rupee has left no stone unturned to paralyze Pakistan. Securing more than half of Pakistan’s assets into their Swiss accounts, PPPP has geared up its efforts to secure their ‘pleasured life’ till death, not only for themselves but for their families too. The day when people of Pakistan thought they’ll be relieved from these crooks, but once again PPPP has proved them wrong. After the shameless distribution of “honorary PhDs” and lowering the standards of education, PPPP has cunningly discovered a way to ensure life time guarantee for their luxurious life under the supervision and approval by speaker Fehmida Mirza.PPP government really rewards those who specialize in looting the public. The whole bedlam started with Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik, who privileged himself with protocol coverage for his entire family at all airports of the country, a brigade of servants and a long list of life time packages. Following his footsteps, Sindh Assembly on 15th March passed 7bills in that very session concerning to the life time delights of MPAs, their spouses, speaker and deputy speaker. This included 60% raise in salaries of MPAs and 40% raise for speaker, deputy speaker and special assistance. In other words Pakistan and its assets will be the private property of every tom dick and harry present in NA and Parliament as long as they want to exploit it. Nowhere in the world had such acts of loot and plunder happened. These laws mean that our representatives realize that they won’t be elected again and hence now is the right time to legitimize their pleasures and use national resources indirectly. These acts should be repelled, declared illegal as soon as the new government takes oath in order to save what is left in Pakistan, for Pakistan.