Opposition Leader Senator Shahzad Waseem led a rally to express solidarity with Azam Swati

Posted on: November 12th, 2022 by admin

ISLAMABAD: 12-Nov-2022 Opposition Leader Senator Dr Shahzad Waseem led the rally of Senators from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) from the Parliament House to the Supreme Court — to stress upon the apex court to take into stock the “tyranny meted out at Swati” and take action accordingly.

The protesting senators also staged a token sit-in outside the country’s top court.

Speaking on the occasion, the opposition leader Dr Shahzad Waseem said that the state could not function unless the state institutions functioned as per their role laid down in the Constitution.

“Azam Swati is a veteran politician and a senior member of this august house (Senate). The way he was subjected to extreme humiliation, so severely tortured—physically and mentally—the way his house was raided, the sanctity of his home was violated and he was picked —is beyond evil—words are not enough to condemn this evil highhandedness of those who did that,” he deplored.

The opposition leader handed an outright rejection to the committee formed by Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani on Swati’s issue.

“Let’s not play this committee game—this will not solve the problem at all—concrete action is needed – cosmetic actions will not help,” he said, addressing hundreds of people present on the protest site.