Govt suffers from Imran Khan phobia. Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Dr Shahzad Waseem

Posted on: June 7th, 2022 by admin

ISLAMABAD: Leader of the Opposition in the Senate Dr Shahzad Waseem has taken a jibe at the PML-N-led federal government, saying that the coalition regime suffers from former prime minister Imran Khan phobia.

Speaking on the floor of upper house of Parliament, PTI Senator Shahzad Waseem strongly criticised the government over the rising inflation, pointing out that the Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) had increased gas price by 45 percent while another booster of petrol price is still remaining.

The PTI senator noted that there was public outrage over the increase in the prices of petroleum products. “The incumbent government has accepted the slavery but the price was being paid by the people of Pakistan,” he added.

Terming the government ‘imported’, Shahzad Waseem said that the coalition regime is spending the people’s tax money on advertisement for their foreign trips.

“The imported government was suffering from Imran Khan phobia. They cannot think about issues beyond the PTI Chairman,” he said, adding that the government was now planning to arrest the former premier.

“Instead of arresting Imran Khan, it should detain the one involved in laundering Rs25 billion. The government should also focus on reducing prices of petrol, electricity and gas,” the Senator added.

Meanwhile, the government benches tried to block Shahzad’s Waseem speech by making noises. Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani asked the Leader of the Opposition to stop but Shahzad Waseem continued his speech.

Shahzad Waseem noted it was unfortunate that the Leader of the House himself interfered his speech. “Today we have found out that hearing the truth is even more difficult then saying it,” he added.