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The office of the Adviser on Foreign Political Parties’ Relations (FPPR) is responsible for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s international work and networking with political parties of other countries.

FPPR has the critical role of communicating, and explaining, party’s political policies to the political stakeholders in other countries and it makes an integral part of its external work. It also follows and keeps track of the developments in the external political parties whom PTI would have had built an association with. Another important and emerging role is that the FPPR would be taking keen interest in the research work on the issues that the political parties in other countries could be performing.

The Adviser is also responsible for providing briefing and policy proposals to the Central Leadership of PTI, both in routine and on demand. In this role, he is responsible for the formal exchanges and communication with foreign political parties and organizations.

In short, the Adviser’s office on FPPR manages and coordinates the policy and communication oriented external liaisons with the political organizations of other countries. This process is then converted into briefings and policy proposals for the PTI Central Leadership for larger policy considerations.

Waseem is advisor to the Chairman, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan, on developing strategic relations with foreign political parties, and diplomatic affairs in Pakistan. In this capacity, he also provides regular advice on issues of regional/international importance pertaining to his party.

He started his political career with Pakistan Muslim League (PML) in 2002. From the platform of the party, he was elected as a Senator in 2003. In one year time (2004), his hard work and serious interest in the legislative work and passion for development of the capital city Islamabad, became reasons of his appointment as the Minister of State for Interior. He officiated matters pertaining to development, uplifting, and security management of the Federal Capital. During his tenure as the Minister responsible for Islamabad, the Federal Capital saw an unprecedented development and expansion of its entire history. Construction of major avenues, overhead bridges, parks, sports and cultural facilities, and opening of new sectors to meet housing needs of growing population are a few examples.

As a Senator, Waseem also acted as the Chairman of Senate Standing Committee on Establishment and Cabinet. In addition, he was an active member of the Senate Standing Committees on Women Development, Youth Affairs, Health, Sports and Culture. Waseem was among the most active members of the Senate and is known for his seriousness and record of presence during the Senate’s proceedings, parliamentary debates and Q&A sessions. In 2006 he presented Private Member Bill on Human Organ Donation and Transplantation to curb the malpractices of trade of human organs including kidneys.

He also served as a Director at the Parliamentary Commission on Human Rights (PCHR). The organization served the cause of Human Rights in Pakistan and assisted both Houses of the Federal Legislature with research, draft laws and pro-rights public advocacy.

On the basis of some party and parliamentary difference, he opted to resign from PML when the party was still ruling Pakistan and devoted time to his business and family. Inspired by charismatic leadership of Imran Khan and his political agenda of Change, he joined Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and has been working tirelessly to promote party’s program. He has also worked hard to building up the party’s external outreach as the Advisor to Chairman, PTI on Foreign Political Parties Relations.

Subjects of his legislative and academic interest/pursuit include security, foreign affairs, democracy & governance, social development issues, and human rights. He is an active sportsman and indulges in long walks and hiking. Widely traveled, he has officially and privately visited US, UK, China, Turkey, many countries of Europe, Central Asia, Far East, and Africa.

His passions include landscaping, rugged traveling, and restoring vintage cars. He is a medical doctor by training and politician by choice.