Use of EVM essential for transparency in electoral system Leader of the House Senator Dr. Shahzad Waseem

Posted on: September 25th, 2021 by admin

Leader of the House in the Senate Dr Shahzad Waseem on Friday SEPTEMBER 25, 2021 said that the use of electronic voting machine (EVM) is secure and essential for bringing transparency in the electoral system.

Taking part in debate in Senate session, he said that it was not possible to move forward without using advance technology. He said that EVM will make voting system easy, fair and transparent. He said that opposition lawmakers should give their suggestion for further improving the EVM system. He said that we cannot deprive overseas Pakistanis of right to vote. Speaking about Afghanistan situation, he said that the world is acknowledging the political vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan. He said that record wheat crops were produced in the country due to the tireless efforts of the government. He said that government has given Rs. 1100 billion special package to the farmers community.