Senate Unanimously Passes Resolution moved by Leader of the House Senator Shahzad Waseem To Condemn Blasphemous Content In France

Posted on: October 28th, 2020 by admin

ISLAMABAD: (Oct 26th, 2020) The Senate, the upper house of Pakistan, unanimously passed a resolution to condemn blasphemous caricatures in France.

Dr. Shahzad Waseem moved resolution to Senate, saying that divisions were created between different religions when such measures were sponsored by the government.

“Love for the Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon Him is part of our faith,” said the resolution, pointing out that no Muslim would tolerate disrespecting Prophet (PBUH).

Such measures, the resolution said, would hurt the feelings of Muslims. It further said that global community must play its role to prevent blasphemous content.

Senate Chairman Sadiq Sanjarani directed to hand over a copy of the resolution to the Foreign Office and French Ambassador.