PM Imran Khan’s policy of “partners in peace” is a continuity of what he has emphasized since 2001, that there is no military solution in Afghanistan.

Posted on: September 29th, 2021 by admin

ISLAMABAD, (29th Sep, 2021 ) :Leader of the House in Senate Dr Shahzad Waseem on Wednesday said there would be a number of opportunities to do politics but being patriot Pakistanis, there should be no politics on national issues and foreign policy.

Responding to points raised by Sherry Rehman and other senators in Senate, he said the incumbent leadership of Pakistan was taking best decision in the national interests keeping in view current political scenario of the region.

He said Imran Khan was the sole leader in the world who from the day one was of the view that there was no military solution to the Afghan issue. Even after 20 years, United State also came to the conclusion that there was no military solution to the Afghan policy, he said.

He said US wanted to make scapegoat any other country for its failure in Afghanistan and the current bill presented in US Senate was also part of it.

He said from day one, Pakistan told that we would not become a part of any war.

In response to a question of the US Journalist about provision of airbases to US in PakistanPrime Minister Imran Khan categorically responded “Absolutely Not’.

We had defined our role and our role was a facilitator of peace in Afghanistan, he said.

Shahzad Waseem said we played a role of facilitator in Doha Peace process and after that in Intra Afghan Peace Jirga.

He said the world should not abandon Afghanistan like in past and efforts would be made for its stability.

Taliban should be engaged and Afghanistan‘s assets should defreeze to avert humanitarian crisis.

He said the national flag carriers of Pakistan not only evacuated thousands of foreigners struck in Afghanistan but also was the first country which provided humanitarian aid.

Regarding damage to Quaid’s statue, Dr Shahzad Waseem said culprits involved in this heinous act would be taken to task.