Government Cognizant Of Its Responsibility: Dr Shahzad Waseem

Posted on: June 9th, 2020 by admin

ISLAMABAD, (8th Jun, 2020 ) :Leader of the House in Senate Dr Shahzad Waseem on Monday said the Federal government was cognizant of its responsibility and all decisions were being taken in consultation with provincial governments to cope with COVID-19 pandemic.

Responding to points raised by various senators, he said the whole world was confronted with COVID-19 as it was a global pandemic.

He said after the 18th amendment, it was the prime responsibility of provinces to strengthen their health system in their respective areas, but the federal government was not oblivious to its responsibility. The federal government had institutionalized the decision process after the pandemic and included all provinces in National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) to control COVID-19, he added.

He said the government had put in place an elaborate system since first day of the pandemic.

Owing to the timely and better management, the number of COVID-19 cases and fatalities remained low against the projection.

He said the government maintained transparency in the whole mechanism to control the pandemic. As per the projection, there would be peak of coronavirus cases in June, he added.

Regarding shortage of bed issue, Shahzad Waseem said, there was no shortage of beds and mechanism was being developed to properly guide the patients.

He said the government was also well aware about the issues confronted to overseas Pakistani and all out efforts were being made to bring them back to countries.

He said the whole world now was endorsing the Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decision about lockdown.